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The first rule you learn if you were to work for Microsoft is "Eat Your Own Dog Food". With that in mind I do make sure that my erotica turns me on. And I have purposely set up the navigation on my sites in a non-standard way. It might take you a little time to get used to  it, but I assure you It is set up so that you never loose the site and have to re-login.  If you have ever been a member of an adult site that never opens new windows, then you know what I mean. You are viewing a set of photos and quickly want to go back or forward to another photo that is turning you on and by mistake you click on the red X in the upper right hand corner of your screen and the site closes down and you are left holding yourself.  So you can now find the link and re-log into the site, but then you have to find the girls set of photos or videos were turning you on.  By the time you have found them, you are no longer turned on. That is why I open a new window for almost everything you do. So close any window and you are where you started, too go back further, just close the next open window. So there is no way for you to loose the site when you need it most and to get back to the beginning, you only need to start closing window's.  You also do not have to backup through all the pages you have just looked at to get back to the main members page.

I have one other pet peeve about most sites, they give you only one resolution and they put it in an html page, so that the photograph does not re-size itself to you computer screen.  Let your browser resize any of the resolutions, because with the photo not being able to resize itself, you must scroll down the page where her pussy is to see it and scroll back up if you want to see her face or tits and when you want to push the forward or back buttons that are at the top or bottom of the page. This makes it extremely difficult to see the entire photograph at any one time and spoils my experience. May I suggest that you pick a resolution that closely matches your screen size, so when your browser resizes it you don't get too many jaggies. You can always click on the lower right hand corner of the photo to expand it and see our super clear and perfect photos. My personal favorite is to see if I like girl and the photo set and if i do, I download it to my hard disk and view it in the Microsoft viewer, the + or - buttons allow me or you to zoom in on any body part or you can start the built in slide show and go back to using you right hand :)

I hope this explains to you the reasoning behind why, I have setup my sites in this way. -ron

Browser Specifications for Signing Up
You need a browser with 128 bit encryption in order to signup. CCBill will not accept any older browser with a lower encryption. If you attempt it, you'll get errors or "page not found" when you try to signup. We suggest you upgrade your browser to the latest version. This will also ensure the security of your transactions. You can find the latest browsers here (click here).

Display Settings
Very important! - set your display to either 24 or 32 bits. At 16 bits or lower the photos will look really bad! To change the display settings, go to the control panel, choose display, click on settings and set the video card to 24 or 32 bits.

Disabling AOL Photo Compression
AOL users: to disable the photo compression feature, please go to settings within your AOL browser, choose preferences, internet properties (www), click the web graphic tab on top of the window and choose 'never compress graphics'. That will solve the problem. And the problem is that AOL has decided that you do not need to see graphics as good as they are, this makes there service faster, but the thousands of hours we have spent trying to make each and every photos on our sites the most perfect color, with perfect sharpness is lost with this compression turned on.

Pop-Up Blockers: I recently downloaded the Free Google Toolbar and Pop-Up Blocker for your browser from here (click here). It worked perfectly on all our sites, it was easy to install and use and it never had a conflict with anything. There are too many of these Blockers that do not work and make it difficult for you to view many sites, both Adult and non Adult sites. So this is what we use and recommend.

Firewall: There are many on the market, some work and some do not. In the last 10 years we have had the most complaints from users of Norton. We have never had a complaint about Trend Micros PCcillin and it has performed perfectly for the last 4 years that every one on our staff and all our friends use it. You can buy it here (click here). This is a large company that some times updates PCcillin twice a day, for the ultimate and latest security against emerging virus and other threats to your computer. We do not make money buy linking to them. We just want you to know what our experience has been with them.

Hackers, Beware!
If you tried to hack the site by entering random usernames and passwords, your IP might be logged as abusive. In that case try back in a while or disconnect and reconnect so that your IP changes...and next time do not try to hack the site! Why not join instead and have a smoother experience?

Resolving Password Problems
Before you report a non-working password, please be sure that you entered it correctly. The system is case sensitive, so you have to enter your username and password as you entered them upon subscription. Please check your receipt to ensure you're entering them correctly.

f you are having trouble with your password or access, please use the credit card processor that you used to signup. To look up you membership. This is the fastest way since we do not have access to your credit card number.

If you cannot find a solution here, then email us. But please make sure you give us the site you singed up for along with the name of the credit card processor and your membership number and or your user/pass. Without which it is very difficult, if not impossible to help you.  It will also take less time if you include your ip address which you can get by clicking here: Then include this ip number in your email.


1. Membership number and the name of the credit card processor, that you used when you signed up.
2. Your user name and password.
3. Name of site you signed up for.
4. Your ip number, just in case ProxyPass has blocked you ip, because it thinks you are a password trader.

If you are using a download helper program or have tried to get in many times, you have probably been blocked by ProxyPass.  Our hacker program that protects us from unscrupulous attacks.  If this is the case, after a few hours ProxyPass will automatically un-block you.

We guarantee that we will answer your email within 12 hours, seven days a week and on all holidays.

We have many thousands of members who are not experiencing any problems. Our sites are the most perfect we can make them.  Occasionally someone has problems that are not related to us, but to there own pc or connection. While we would like to be able to help them, we cannot trouble shoot there pc, since we know nothing about there connection or configurations.

Changing Log-In
If you use a common login such as aaaaaa/bbbbbb or a login you've been using for a long time on many sites, there's a good chance that the login will be disabled due to hacker attacks. If you want us to change your login and prevent this from happening, please send all information to us (old login and new login).

To cancel membership, retrieve forgotten password, or check status
To cancel membership, retrieve a forgotten password or check your status, click here. These options are valid for credit card memberships with CCBill.

Click here to cancel membership, retrieve a forgotten password, or check status. if you signed up with

Subscriptions and Billing
If you sign up using CCBill, any charges will discreetly appear as*VirtualWeb on your credit card statement.

Our new photo galleries are in 3 resolutions 3000*2000 - 1500*1000 - 800*600. The ZIP file is now 3000*2000, the highest resolution and quality on any site. Quality is not only size, but the color correction should be perfect, not overexposed, not out of focus, not blurry, must be sharp. We understand why most adult sites just put up there photos without any attempt to make them look perfect.  We have spent as much as 12 hours color-correcting and retouching 30 photographs. Our philosophy is we pick the best photos from a shooting set of 250 or more. Just picking the best can take hours, then we make them as perfect as we can. We take so much time because it is very difficult to retouch and make it look not retouched. We strive to make the girls look as REAL and beautiful as we can. Our philosophy is quality is better than quantity.

My personal preference to view the photos is to download the zip file into a directory on my hard disk that is named /ronharrisphotos/girls name/ then when i click on the first photo all i need to do is start the built in slide show or click on the forward arrow, while my pointer is set to + so that i can zoom in on any part of her body that i would like to see closer. The built in browser on XP does the very best job of scaling the photos to fit you screen, (without jaggies) and eliminates the annoying problem of having to scroll to see the entire photo of the girl or girls. Which to me is distracting to be able to see her face and tits and not her pussy which is hidden below the browser, so i scroll down, but now I can't see her face. Too frustrating for me. -ron

Color balancing your monitor: Most monitors are improperly set up. Most users, take it out of the box and turn it on. We spend thousands of hours making sure our color corrections and retouching is a perfect, as we can make it. It you really want to experience Ron Harris photographs you should take the time to setup your monitor correctly. So that you see what I see. I have never used a color correction chart that did what I needed it to do. Lots of color samples, but no skin tones. So I have made a chart for you to balance your monitor. And if you are into photography you can also use it to have a reference that you know is correct, so that you can balance your photos to match mine.  After you have downloaded the chart, I suggest you save it as you screen background, so that you can get to it easily. The first thing you should do is make sure the grey scale at the top has no tint of color in it. It should be neutral grey and you should be able to see all the different gradations.


All Ron Harris video are in the latest WinMedia 10 from Microsoft. To get the latest version click here, its free.
Microsoft no longer supports Netscape and has no WinMedia plug in for Netscape. But if you insist on using Netscape you can download the videos to your hard disk and play them on WinMedia Player. You can find the latest browsers here (click here).


These Ron Harris videos are hi-res and will stream on a fast connection. If your connection is too slow, simply right click on the link and download the video to your hard disk. We supply the videos in three speeds LOW - MED - HIGH. All our new videos will be supplied in super hi-res 1,000 Mkbs and 3,000 Mkbs. The 1,000 Mkbs videos will stream on a broadband connection and unless you have a 3mb broadband the 3,000 Mkbs videos should be downloaded. We are in the process of re-mastering the older low-res videos to the new higher 1,000 kbs & 3,000kbs HDV quality videos.


Microsoft has released a new program that will play WindMedia files on a MAC in Quicktime

Mac users must use I.E. not Netscape, or control+click and download then play in WinMedia 10

There is no WinMedia 10 plug-in for Netscape, Microsoft is no longer supporting Netscape.

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