Possibly the best (most delightful) exercise video, EVER !!!, September 18, 1998
Reviewer: A viewer

This volume is the best of three exercise videos, in this series. A neutral, white, shiny background blends with the rotating platform. The models are quite fit, in terms of the early 1980's.

That is to say, they are muscular, with low body fat, yet without deep, masculine, muscular definition. Their skin is lightly tanned, an supple, not leathery as in modern videos.

The costumes were designed when spandex was something, new. They are a smooth covering, not a support element. The cinematography is honest. Set chiefly at waist-high, all angles are revealed. Bumps, gaps, jiggles and sways are on hand. Yet, the focus is upon cardiovascular exercise. This video is crafted so that your heart gets a workout whether you participate, or merely watch.

This video would be rated PG or G. The costumes could double for modest, one-piece bathing suits at a conservative, public pool. Yet, here, you may gaze upon poetic beauty without offending your subject.

No subsequent video has ever surpassed the elements of beauty, presented here. The athletes are at their prime [approximately 23 years old]. Produced by Ron Harris, published by Tantra, the focus is upon the beauty of 'unintended' sensuality.

No models appear to be artificially altered, in appearance. Their proportions, too, are natural and average. These are the women that created the "fitness craze." These are the women that got men into the aerobics-studios and into the co-ed classes. The are so real, so beautiful and, if you try to keep up, you find that they are SOOO FIT !!!

You will soon find that they aren't celebrities that are faking their fitness. They perform high-impact, high-intensity workouts, all without shoes or exercise mats. Aerobic kicks reach to their ears. The makeup is genuine, exquisite, classic. For instance, the lip gloss was bordered by a slightly darker shade of the filler color, simply to add definition to the border.

(Unfortunately, many modern women tend to copy methods used by stage performers [in dim lighting] that use a nearly black border, filled with a lighter color, creating a repulsive clown face.)

In this video, there are no "clown-faces." There are no fashion-prints on the costumes, which confuse the overall image. The cinematographers used all the elements that create mass, timeless appeal (much like Beatles songs which, by staying with the major-chord scales, created melodies that endure).

Instead, the viewer is presented with Classic designs, classic movements. These work to create a video classic that is timeless in its appeal, and a perpetual delight to behold.

(could you tell... This is my favorite video of all time.) END


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