Ron Harris
s the most acclaimed erotic photographer in the world. Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine called Ron "The King of Erotica" and Playboy Magazine called Ron "The Granddaddy of Soft-core. Ron has over 25,000 published photographs and over 500 Art Director Awards for excellence in photography.

Let there be no mistake in 1981, I created the worlds first erotic exercise video Aerobicise and before that I was a world renowned fashion photographer.  In 1996 I was one of the pioneers' on the Internet. Before all these so called Art sites were ever created.  My sites have been a beacon of excellence that all can aspire too.  So do not believe most of what you are told by these new sites, they would have you believe they created erotica on the Internet, when even today they copy everything I do.  The truth is they are light years behind me.  We have the best of everything, girls, photography, lighting, resolution, videos and performance. You name it. We do it best. My mission in nothing less than to turn pornography into REAL ART. 

And now I will attempt to teach these new comers what erotic art is all about. With my series on How to Photograph Beautiful Women.

Pink-Vibrator shot for Playboy TV, with my all white signature rotating turn-table. Watch the entire video and get into all four girls. We also have photos from the video. The pink sculpture actually had a huge motor inside it to make it vibrate. We spent six months casting 10 perfect girls for these videos.

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